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The following information can be provided to Batik Air passengers regarding the explanation and conditions of correction name, correction gender, and change name on Batik Air tickets:

Correction Name is a name amendment process on a customer ticket without changing the pronunciation match with the Identity (Passport/KTP/SIM <Driving License>).

Example: Lani corrected to be Lanny

                 Arri corrected to be Arrie.


Correction Gender is a gender/title amendment process on the customer name on the ticket.

Example: Mesra/Ayu Mr become Mesra/Ayu Ms 

              Andri/Kusumawardani Mr is corrected to be Andri/Kusumawardani Mrs


Change Name is the process of changing the name and pronunciation on the ticket.

Example : Anita become Yunita 

              Budi become Rudi


Terms and conditions for Correction Name and Correction Gender :

  1. If the correction is less than 3 characters as long as it’s not changing the name spelling, will be free of charge.
  2. If the correction is more than 3 characters will be charged based on this table.



    Lion Air, Batik Air, Wings Air, Super Air Jet

    Administration fees based on currency from the latest ticket* 

  3. Correction gender is free of charge.
  4. Correction name and gender can be requested by the passenger maximum of 24 hours before the time of departure and can’t be processed at the airport. Can only be done at our Contact Center.
  5. If there is a different name at the airport (<24 hours), passengers have to buy a new ticket based on the available class (minimum at the same class) and issued based on the correct name of the identity card.
  6. Change of name is not allowed and refers to refund rules.


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