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The Regulation of Bali Provincial Government Number 6 in 2023 on the International Tourist Levy for the Protection of Bali Culture and Natural Environment.

Regarding the above mentioned legal basis, in order to improve the quality of Bali cultural tourism service and facilities with the constraint of financial ability limit of the Government of Bali Province, in the effort to protect the culture and natural environment of Bali, the Government of Bali Province, comes into effect from the date of 14th February 2024, the implementation of taking levy from every international tourist to Bali with the amount of Rp. 150.000,00 (one hundred and fifty thousands rupiah) per person, either directly comes from other country to Bali or indirectly from other provinces in Indonesia, effective for 1 (one) time of payment during the tourist stay in Indonesia territory.

The detail information of the levy payment procedure is on the website Love Bali

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