Dear Customers of Batik Air,

In the following, we provide a guide to changing the schedule through the website

1. Open the Batik Air website at the link or you can also go through the Lion Air website link

2. Select the Manage Booking menu on the Batik Air website    

3. Enter the Booking Booking code / PNR consisting of 6 letters    

4. Enter the first name and last name as it was when the reservation was made   

5.  If the data is correct, select Manage Booking

2. Enter an active email and telephone number if it is appropriate, 

3. details of your flight data will appear Enter the Manage Addon menu, there are 3 menus below

I. Rapid test addon for purchasing Antigen/PCR Rapid test Vouchers at clinics that have collaborated with Lion Air Group. A list of clinics that have collaborated with Lion Air Group can be seen her

II. Addon Baggages to purchase additional baggage    

III. Change Flight to make changes to flight schedules

4. Select Change Flight to make the schedule changes you want

1. Enter the Manage Booking & Refund Booking menu, select Change Flight

1. Check the list of Flight No. Batik Air flights that you want to change the schedule for, then select the desired change date, then select Continue

1. A new flight schedule will appear according to the selected date, please select the desired flight hours then select Continue

1. The system will calculate the change fee (calculate the price difference between the old ticket and the new ticket and the change administration fee)

1. If you don't agree, select Go Back and your ticket will still be on the old schedule and there has been no change. 

2. If you agree with the cost of changing the Customer Agreement checklist and select Confirm, a notification will appear again for your approval to proceed to the payment menu

1. Currently, there are only 2 payment methods for schedule changes, namely by credit card and Direct Debit BRI

1. If you have made a payment using one of the above methods and the funds have been received by Batik Air, then you will receive a new E-ticket in the email.

Don't hesitate to contact our Contact Center service below if you have questions, complaints, or comments.


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