Dear Batik Air Guests, 

We would like to inform you that a refund will follow the terms and conditions applicable by Batik Air Indonesia. 

The provisions for trip cancellation and ticket refunds for Batik Air are regulated in the Minister of Transportation (PM) Regulation No. 185 of 2015 and later updated with PM No. 30 of 2021. Based on these provisions, Batik Air applies the following Refund provisions:

More than 72 Hours (before departure time)Cancellation fee 25% of Base priceAirport Tax, Value Added Tax, Transportation Tax: refunded
Between 72 Hours - 4 Hours (before departure time)Cancellation fee 50% of Base priceAirport Tax, Value Added Tax, Transportation Tax: refunded
Less than 4 Hours (before departure time)Cancellation fee 90% of Base priceAirport Tax, Value Added Tax, Transportation Tax: refunded

Refund submission documents:

  1. Identity (KTP / Passport) of one of the passengers whose name is listed on the reservation.
  2. Bank account details:
    1. Bank account number
    2. Account name (the name on the account number must match the identity attached).
    3. Bank country & Address
  3. Power of attorney (if represented) filled out by the giver and receiver of the power of attorney containing:
    1. Name in accordance with identity.
    2. Photo identity (KTP / Passport) of the grantor and the recipient of the power of attorney.
    3. Signature of the authorizer on stamp duty.
  4. Certificate of unfitness to fly / health documents related to flight restrictions (if required).

Ticket validity period: 
  • The ticket is declared expired if it has passed 3 (three) months from the Date of Travel (DOT) / Date of last route travel.
  • Expired tickets cannot be refunded.
Proxied Refunds

If the refund needs to be transferred to an account, not in the name of one of the Batik Air passengers:

  • Must be accompanied by a Power of Attorney letter 
  • Signed by one of the Batik Air passengers and the recipient of the power of attorney.

The Power of Attorney attachment can be uploaded during the Refund submission process as shown below,


       Note: Maximum size of the document is 2 MB

Where to Submit Refund

The submission of the refund process is adjusted to the place of payment of Batik Air tickets, the following table shows the place of purchase and the place of submission of Refunds


Lion Air Group Offices
Refund Request ( 
Travel Agent/Online Travel Agent or GDSBack to the Travel Agent and GDS

For Refund submissions via the website, please see How to Submit Ticket Cancellation (REFUND) and the following table of refund methods:


Channel & Original Form of Payment (FOP)Refund Method
At Lion Air Group's office (QRIS, debit card)Bank Transfer 
Website fop Payment Codeto the Payment Code 
Website  fop Credit Cardto the Credit Card 
Travel agent/Online Travel AgentAgency top-up credit balance
GDS (global distribution system) IATA BSP RA

 *BSP = Billing and Statement Plan

Refund period for tickets and ancillary services:

Form of Payments


Indonesian Local Bank

Foreign Bank


        15 working days

60 working days 

Credit Card

        30 working days 

60 working days 

Debit Card

30 working days 


If you have any questions, complaints or comments, please contact our Contact Center service below.

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