Dear Customers of Batik Air,

To submit a request for cancellation and refund for Batik Air tickets, if you purchase tickets via,

1. The official website of Batik Air 

2. Batik Air ticket sales representative office 

3. Batik Air customer service counters at the airport

You can also enjoy the convenience of submitting a cancellation as well as a refund through the official Lion Air group website via the following link: Refund

The following is a refund guide / Refund through the Website

1. Open the refund process link for Lion Air Group Tickets below

2. There are provisions for tickets and refund currencies that can be processed on the website

Fill in the ticket data and passenger data that will be processed for a refund     

1. The Order Code/PNR consists of 6 letters   

2.  Fill in the first name and last name according to the reservation/order    

3. The ticket number consists of 13 digits    

4. Fill in the EMD Prepaid Baggage number if you have an unused additional service number    

5. Select Add passenger if there is more than one passenger requesting a refund in the same booking code

6. Fill in the data of the second passenger according to the data

If the data of the passenger who will be refunded has been inputted, continue to enter the reason for submitting a refund Fill in the active telephone number Fill in an active email address

1. Proceed to the refund options menu

A. Bank Account to complete the following data:     

B. The name and account number of one of the passengers is in accordance with the account book. If the refunded funds are to be transferred to the account of a non-passenger, you must make a Power of Attorney with a stamp duty of Rp. 10.000,- and signed by the Giver and the Authorizer (the Authorizer is one of the passengers)    

C. The address matches the identity in the account book nationality    

D. Bank name and exchange rate/currency    

E. Bank Address, Bank City, and Bank Country    

F. Passport Number / Identity Card (KTP / SIM) of the Account holder    

G. Upload Passport/Identity Card (KTP/SIM). if the refund funds are transferred to an account that is not the name of one of the passengers, it is mandatory to upload the Passport / Identity Card of the Authorized and Authorized    

H. Upload Power of Attorney for Refund funds that are transferred to the Account of not one of the passengers    

I. Upload a Certificate of Positive Covid-19 Results for Refund applications that are canceled due to positive Covid-19 results    

NOTE: Effective November 1, 2022, the request for a refund for a positive Covid-19 passenger will again be subject to a penalty (CF) in accordance with the applicable refund provisions.    

J. If the data entered is correct and correct, please select Submit

  1. Note: Maximum document attachment size is 2MB

2. Credit Card (refunds for purchases on the Website and payment methods by Credit Card) to complete the following data:

A. Enter the last 4 digits of the Credit Card number used for payment Name of the Credit Card holder Passport Number/Identity Card (KTP/SIM) of the Credit Card owner 

B. Upload Passport/Identity Card (KTP/SIM) Upload a Certificate of Positive Covid 19 Results for Refund applications that are canceled due to positive Covid-19 results Note: As of November 1, 2022, if you apply for a refund due to a positive Covid 19, you will be subject to a penalty according to the applicable refund conditions. 

C. If the data entered is correct and correct, please select Submit

If after completing the data and selecting Send there is a response An Error Occurs can be checked again for data with a red line from start to finish whether it is correct or not, if the data has been corrected can be selected Send again

for the data filling process that has been completed and you have sent there will be a Notification of Your Refund Submission Has Been Received And Will Be Processed Immediately in the system and you will receive a Confirmation email

The following is the deadline for refunding Batik Air ticket refunds



Local Bank (Indonesia)

Foreign Bank


15 (fifteen) working day

60 (sixty)working day

Credit Card

30 (thirteen) working day

60 (sixty) working day

Debit Card

30 (thirteen) working day


In accordance with Minister of Transportation Regulation (PM) 30/2021*Timeliness of the refund process above will be fulfilled if all requirements and documents have been met.
Delays in returning Refunds can occur due to requirements or incomplete documents, in this case Batik Air will contact you to complete the data.

For your initial ticket purchase if via:

1. Travel Agent
2. Online Travel Agent (OTA)

The refund application process can be done at the Travel Agent where you bought the Batik Air ticket or you can also go through the features available on the Online Travel Agent application, then the Travel Agent will correspond with Batik Air to request a cancellation and refund. Batik Air will make a refund, in accordance with the provisions that apply to Batik Air, to passengers through a Travel Agent.

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