Dear Customers of Batik Air Indonesia,

Together with this, we convey information to prospective Batik Air Indonesia passengers who have paid for excess baggage but did not receive a payment receipt, then the following data is required when confirming to us, namely

  1. The Lion Air group airline used: 
  2. Airline booking code: 
  3. Photo of baggage tag and boarding pass: 
  4. Airport location: 
  5. Baggage payment location: Check-in counter/waiting room for the plane/ in front of the plane's entrance 
  6. Name of officers in the field:

Again, we convey to prospective Batik Air passengers before making baggage payments so that they can find out more clearly about the baggage information below

  1. Do you get free baggage allowance?
  2. How many kilograms of excess baggage?
  3. How much rupiah per kilogram must be paid?
  4. Ask for proof of payment and nominal recap according to what was paid

Don't hesitate to contact our Contact Center service below if you have questions, complaints, or comments.


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