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The following are provisions for carrying goods or foodstuffs that have a very strong smells:

  1. Goods or food ingredients that are categorized as having a very strong smell and need to be considered during the packaging process include:
    1. Durians
    2. Salted fish
    3. Onion/ Garlic
    4. Petai / Jengkol
    5. Chilli
    6. Shrimp paste
    7. And goods that have a strong smell that can interfere with the comfort of other passengers.
  2. The goods or foodstuffs on point 1 can only be transported by cargo, with packing in ccordance with applicable regulations.
  3. The check-in counter officer will ensure that the baggage and passengers belongings do not smell strongly during the check-in process. If there are goods or food ingredients at point 1, they must be transported by cargo and cannot be transported as checked baggage or cabin baggage.
  4. The cargo officer will ensure that the packing and packaging of goods or food ingredients at point 1 must comply with applicable provisions and make sure that there is no strong smell during the receiving process.

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