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Here we submit the provision to acceptance live plants and flower to the Aircraft:

  1. Batik Air Indonesia will not accept live plants and flowers as checked baggage or as hand carry on international flights. Any soil, plants or plant product, whether plant potted in soil, plants with roots, seeds, with or without Phytosanitary Certificate from Ministry of Agriculture or any other government bodies is prohibited.
  2. Live plants and flowers may be acceptable on Indonesian domestic flight sectors only with following condition:
    1. Acceptable as checked baggage only.
    2. 1(one) passenger only allowed to carry 1(one) live plants or flower as checked baggage. If     passenger intends to carry more than 1(one) live plants and flower it shall be shipped as cargo.
    3. Carriage Live plant must be accompanied by a quarantine letter.
    4. Batik Air Indonesia strict rule not to accept carriage of rare, protected or endangered plants.
    5. Passengers who wish to carry live plants as checked baggage must report to check-in counterat least 1 hour (60 minutes) prior to standard time of departure.
    6. Maximum weight of live plants (including container) to be carried as checked baggage is 32 kg. If it exceeds 32 kg, then it must be shipped as cargo.
    7. Passengers must provide their own container for their live plants. Plants may not be planted in a ceramic, glass, porcelain or other fragile material. Otherwise, it may be planted in a plastic or rubber pot.
    8. Plastic or box shall be protected by wood packaging with maximum dimension of 81cm x 119cm x 119cm.
    9. All plants or flowers accepted for carriage must be properly packed in a leak-proof container in order to avoid soil or water leakage inside aircraft baggage/cargo compartment.
  3. Only hand held bouquets are allowed in the cabin, with condition:
    1. Ensure the stem or ends of the bouquet are properly wrapped to avoid spillage of water that they are placed in. Water may cause damage to our aircraft and carry-on items belonging to other passengers should the bouquet be stored in the overhead locker.
    2. Make sure the size and number of bouquets do not exceed the cabin baggage allowance (1 piece 40cm x 30cm x 20cm)
    3. Make sure the hand bouquets are not the kind of flowers that smell strong.

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