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Diving equipment such as diving tanks, pressure gauges, face masks, fins (pairs), wetsuits/vests, buoyancy control devices (BCD), snorkels, and weight belts, can be carried on Batik Air Indonesia flights.


The diving tank MUST NOT CONTAIN ANY AIR, AND THE TANK VALVE MUST BE FULLY OPENED. Otherwise, it becomes a dangerous and prohibited item.


  • Diving Tank/Aqualung/Air Tank
  • It is an aluminum tank made to contain compressed air
  • It is meant only for leisure diving. It includes air and not oxygen
  • There is only 1 valve, and when turning anti-clockwise (pressure gauge reads zero), the valve is open, air escapes, and the tank is empty.
  • If there is a pressure gauge, it should read ZERO, or it might also have a temperature gauge, which MUST read below 20 degrees Centigrade or 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Handling Procedure :

  1. Packaged in an easily identifiable kit bag    
  2. Weight not exceeding 32 Kg in one tool bag    
  3. Dive tanks MUST NOT CONTAIN AIR, AND TANK VALVES MUST BE FULLY OPENED. Otherwise, it becomes a dangerous and prohibited item 
  4. High-intensity dive lights can generate a very high amount of heat when operated in air. For safe carriage, the bulb or battery must be removed and accepted on board our aircraft as checked baggage.    
  5. Make sure the O-Ring (rubber ring like O on the outside of the valve) is removed and can be stored by the customer.
  6. After the passenger has emptied the tank in the presence of the agent or has confirmed to the above-authorized personnel that the tank is empty, the open valve must be taped and securely sealed to verify that the tank has been emptied and inspected by a member of staff.

Additional information:

  • Especially for Batik Air Indonesia (ID) flight routes, if you bring diving equipment, you will get an additional free baggage allowance of 15 KG. For connecting routes with other Lion Air group flights, you will not get a free 15 KG allowance for diving equipment.
  • Passenger need to declare while check-in, that checked baggage consist of diving equipment, failed to do this will resulting an Excess baggage to be paid (non-refundable).
  • Airlines will ask the passenger to sign the "Special baggage form" (customer is allow to take a documentation-no copy will be shared to passenger).
    *Example forms

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