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In an effort to provide a flying experience on all flights, Batik Air offers the feel of "The New Explore Indonesia" through new in-flight meal menu variants which are introduced through the authentic value (specificity) of typical Indonesian food.

The concept of a “food trip at 30,000 feet” is designed and produced with the highest attention to detail and quality. The entire menu is inspired by the creative industry (MSMEs) for culinary delights in various destinations in Indonesia.

Batik Air cooperates with Lion Boga, a food and beverage provider (catering) on board, a member of Lion Air Group. Processing, packaging, and serving are prepared with halal and hygienic processes, based on food quality, safety, and health standards in meeting requirements that support aspects of flight safety, so that flight catering can produce a variety of food products that are safe to consume during Batik Air flights.

The available menu choices are identical to traditional food which has been maintained to this day. The menu can provide more attractive product values and enhance the local wisdom-based food industry.

Batik Air's newest menus:

  1. Arem-arem Mie, food made from egg noodles wrapped in banana leaves. Arem-arem is very popular as a substitute for breakfast which is loved by the public. Inspired by typical snack destinations in Yogyakarta, Solo and Semarang.    
  2. Lemper Ayam, lifting the destination cities of Central Java, Yogyakarta, and East Java, lemper is a dish made of sticky rice filled with shredded or shredded chicken and wrapped in banana leaves.    
  3. Chicken Bacang, a traditional food in the form of glutinous rice filled with meat. Bacang is wrapped using a material that resembles bamboo leaves and is in the shape of a perfect pyramid.  
  4. Onde-onde, a type of round-shaped cake wrapped in sesame seeds, has a sweet, savory and chewy taste.    
  5. Ongol-ongol, a typical small-shaped snack from Betawi is popular in Jakarta destinations. Ongol-ongol has a blend of sweet and savory flavors with a soft and chewy texture.    
  6. Onbitjkoek, a legendary cake containing spices in Indonesia, including cloves, ginger, and cinnamon. This processed material is to further introduce spice-producing destinations, namely Ternate, Ambon, and other areas around it.    
  7. Risol Chicken, made from various vegetables, coated with flour and egg batter.    
  8. Panada Eggs, a soft-flavored snack from Manado.    
  9. Tatal Ketan, made from white glutinous rice with a savory taste. Served steamed, combined with grated coconut, coconut milk, bay leaves, and herbs.    
  10. Lapis Pandan Vanilla, a cake with a soft and chewy texture, the majority of which are easy to find in various destinations in Indonesia. Identical consists of two or more colors layered.    
  11. Green Talam, a typical Betawi - Jakarta snack with sweet and savory flavors.
  12. It is hoped that Batik Air's new menu variations will further attract the interest of guests (businessmen and tourists) in planning trips and tasting (eating) times when on flights. In the next stage, the types of food and the frequency of rotation of menu offerings will continue to be improved.

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