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Batik Air Indonesia provides additional services for ordering wheelchairs and handling unaccompanied minor (UM).


The following is the definition of Wheel Chair and Unaccompanied Minor (UM) Services:


Wheel Chair is an additional service in the form of wheelchair facility on airport area when depart and arrival that passenger can be requested to the airline. 


Unaccompanied Minor (UM) is an additional service to handling of children passengers aged 6 (six) until 12 (twelve) years who travelling alone without being accompanied by their families. 


Handling Fee is a fee (service/ facility) that charged to passenger who need additional service. 


These additional services available on Domestic and International routes of Lion Air, Batik Air and Wings Air with provision as following below: 

  1. Wheel Chair and UM Indonesia Domestic routes is Free of Charge. 
  2. Wheel Chair and UM International routes will be charged as below:




    Handling Fee 




    IDR  150,000




    SGD  30.00/ hours 




    MYR  46.00




    SGD  30.00/ hours 




    SGD  30.00/ hours 




    SGD  30.00/ hours 

              *Nonstop flight
  3. Wheel Chair International route is Free of Charge specially to Stroke passenger that can be proven with doctor’s or port health certificate
  4. Especially for transit route through SIN that need wheelchair or UM handling then will be charged handling fee SGD 30.00/ hour
  5. Handling Fee transit route for International charged 1 (one) time on departure from origin until final destination
  6. Handling Fee can be Exchanged if the ticket has been exchanged
  7. Handling Fee only can be Refunded concurrently with the ticket


Handling of unaccompanied minors (UM) by following the following requirements:

  1. Child Age: 6 to 12 Years.
  2. Booking involving a stopover with chance of change aircraft only for minors above 8 years.
  3. UM must be in good and healthy conditions.
  4. Include additional information when booking tickets, such as,
    1. Must have a valid travel document, passport, health certificate, visa, etc.
    2. Drop Off name.
    3. Pick-up name.
    4. Telephone number of the pick-up/delivery family.
  5. There is no charge for domestic and international flight routes, especially for Batik Air flights.

Fill out the UM (handover) form:

  • Drop Off Name and family relationship status with UM passenger.
  • Pick-up names and family relationship status with unaccompanied minors.
  • Attach KTP/Passport documents.
  • Sign the form with a clear name.


The Process at Check-in:

  • Fill out the UM form.
  • Will be handled by a special service staff (assistant).
  • Given a tag "UM."


The Boarding Process:

  • UM passengers will be escorted to the plane first, along with elderly and pregnant women.
  • Handover of documents and UM passengers to cabin crew.
  • Placing a proper sitting position on the boarding pass and ensuring a position in the front area

At the time of landing/disembarking:

  • UM passengers are picked up by a special officer at the arrival plane door.
  • UM passengers are handed over to the name listed on the UM Form by looking at the identity of the picker (name, NIK number).
  • After the data matches, the picker signs the handover form.

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