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Lion Air Group appeals to all prospective users of flight services (guests or passengers) facing the peak season during the holiday period and Eid 2022 to prepare travel plans early, wisely, thoroughly, and understand more information when purchasing airplane tickets.

Sales of flight tickets in a system will provide detailed information about routes, flight frequencies, flight numbers, airlines, fares, and others


1. Availability of seats for direct flights listed (written): N/A (not available or not available) and    

2. Sold Out (sold out),

then the system on search engines on websites, applications, tour and travel, ticketing offices, call centers will offer/provide alternatives so that new options for other routes appear/publish as a solution so that the customer (prospective passengers) can arrive at the final destination via transit and transfer – stopping at certain airports according to system recommendations.

Transit and transfer flights are:

1. Combination (multiple flights and multiple airports) flight services from your own airline or with other airlines.    

2. On Batik Air flights, if economy class ticket prices are sold out and business class is still available, business class prices will be combined with other airlines' economy class.

This will automatically bring up the total selling price of tickets from the entire transit sector into one ticket price information that must be purchased/paid by the customer (prospective passengers).

As an example and an explanation: flights from City A final destination to City B

In an effort to meet the needs of the public during the holidays and Eid al-Fitr, airlines are adding non-stop flights (extra flights), but all seats have been sold out.

1. Direct flights (non-stop/without transit) = not available or all flight seat classes are sold out (sold out). The system provides an alternative so that prospective passengers can go to their final destination City B by transiting and transferring (stopping and changing planes) using other airlines through the airport in City C.   

2. Flight from City A to City C with Batik Air airline (transit at city C airport) Flight from City C to City B final destination followed by Wings Air airline (transfer at city C airport)

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