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Group booking is a reservation of group tickets for passengers made under certain agreements between passengers/agents and Lion Group in Indonesia.

Interline group bookings are group bookings involving other airline flights within the scope of the Lion Group

So if you want to make a group ticket reservation at Batik Air, here are the terms and conditions

  1. Submission of group bookings through the Head Office Sales Group. 
  2. Submissions are made via email at  or or come directly to the Lion Group Head Office. 
    NOTE: Starting November 27, 2023, the booking group email address will be 
  3. A Minimum number of 10 (ten) passengers. 
  4. Not allowed to change the route (reroute). 
  5. A minimum deposit of 50% of the total ticket price by making an EMD Deposit (A deposit of money for booking a seat in a reservation). 
  6. The time limit for deposits is set at the maximum based on the system.
  7. Payment is made by transfer. 
  8. Materialization of 80% of the total seats that have been deposited (Materialization is the minimum limit for paying off seat orders that have been deposited). 
  9. Materialization is less than 80%, then:
    1. The top-up/repayment balance is still paid according to the seat used.    
    2. The passenger difference deposit from the materialization limit is declared forfeited and an EMD "Scorched Deposit" is made which is processed at the Head Office.
  10. Deposits that have been received are non-refundable (forfeited).    
  11. Free Baggage Allowance follows the applicable conditions.    
  12. Submission of a minimum group booking for sub-class N (November) with a total of 40 (forty) passengers will receive 1 FOC ticket.    
  13. The calculation of the FOC (Free of Charge) ticket is as follows:
  1. FOC is only given to FQ (Basic Fare) according to the class used.
  2. Required to pay taxes (taxes) include:
    • Domestic Route: Airport Tax, 11% VAT, and IWJR (Raharja Service Compulsory Fee).    
    • International Routes: Airport Tax and other applicable taxes.

After payment of the deposit, the deadline for determining materialization and repayment is as follows:
  1. Maximum 1 (one) month before departure.    
  2. Especially for peak season 2 (two) months before departure    
  3. Ordering group bookings within the time limit on points 1 & 2, full payment is made based on the time limit specified in the system.

Group bookings can be issued on:     
  1. Sales Group head office    
  2. Agent portal (with AM/DM approval).

Exchange and Refund group booking conditions:
Change or cancellation
Penalty fee
> 3 days before DOT
50% From Basic Fare
3 - 1 before DOT
80% From Basic Fare
< 1 The day after DOT
Fix Date, Fix Flight, Non-Refund
The day before DOT
Fix Date, Fix Flight, Non-Refund
Note: The calculation of the 'Day' period uses the date, not 1 x 24 hours.

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