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The following information is regarding the Infant handling on Batik Air flight:

  1. Infants are babies /children under 2 (two) years old
  2. Infant under 2 days old. Not recommended for air travel
  3. Infant aged between 3 days old to 7 days old need to submit the following:
    1. A doctor's letter stating "fit to fly"
    2. Fill in the Statement Letter (FOI) from Batik Air.
  4. Infant between 8 days old – 6 months old need to submit the following:
    1. Fill in the Statement Letter (FOI) from Batik Air.
  5. Infant between 6 months old – 2 years old NOT REQUIRED to submit Medical Certificate and fill in the Form of Indemnity (FOI).
  6. Infants who experience health problems must submit the form:
    1. A doctor's letter stating "fit to fly"
    2. Fill in the Statement Letter (FOI) from Batik Air.
  7. A medical certificate issued not less than 72 hours (3 days) before the flight.
  8. Accompanied by an adult who pays the adult ticket price and is responsible for the Infant
    1. Traveling on the same flight, in the same class, and to the same destination as the Infant
    2. Infant ticket price is 10% of adult ticket price (domestic)
  9. The number of infants on one Batik Air flight schedule is limited to only 10% of the aircraft seat capacity.
  10. Infants will be placed in even-numbered rows of seats for placing extra oxygen masks on Batik Air aircraft.


Passengers are allowed to bring 1 (one) cabin baggage and personal items. Infant bags containing Infant in-flight equipment can be carried into the aircraft cabin,because it's included in the Personal item category (other than laptop bags/purse/reading materials)


For convenience at departure,please pay attention to the info below:


At the time of Check in :

  • Report if there is a baby /infant who is not so departing
  • Infants don't get free checked baggage (adult passengers only)
  • Baby stroller can be used until the front door of the aircraft, by reporting to the check-in counter, for labeling. Baby stroller is included in the Special Baggage Category, which is free and not included in the Baggage allowance


At the time of Boarding (on the plane) :

The Cabin crew will distribute Infant life vests and Infant Seat belts.The 2 items will be collected back by the cabin crew, at the time after landing, before exiting the plane (disembarked). 

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