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Here we convey the meaning of "extra seat" (EXST) is an additional seat on the plane upon request and purchased by the passenger based on special needs such as, being overweight does not allow the passenger to sit in 1 (one) seat or other things that cause the passenger to request to vacate 1 (one) seat next to it.


Batik Air passengers who want to buy extra seats with certain conditions above can do it on Batik Air flights.


The following requirements must be considered by Batik Air passengers when buying an Extra Seat:

  1. Purchases can only be made at the Lion Air Group office.
  2. Purchases can be made as long as the seats are still available.
  3. Extra seat prices for domestic routes are the Basic Fare (FQ) + Surcharge (YQ) + VAT at 11% of (FQ+YQ) according to the class on the reservation.
  4. The price of an extra seat for international routes is Basic Fare (FQ) + Surcharge (YQ)  according to the class in the reservation.
  5. Extra seats can be processed for exchange, upgrade, and refund if the ticket (VCR) of the prospective passenger has not been used with the applicable conditions.

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