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We can convey the understanding of Batik Air PCR service is an additional service that can be purchased at a low price by Batik Air passengers, on several Batik Air ticket sales channels and or at Online Travel Agent (OTA) which can only be used in many clinics that cooperate with Water batik.

To make it easier for Batik Air guests, please click the following link below to see the location of the collaboration between the Clinic and Batik Air

Batik Air guests will get an EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) number listed on the printout ticket when they have finished purchasing the RT PCR service which is used as a condition for carrying out an RT PCR Swab examination at the clinic.

Then what about the provisions for EMD RT PCR not being used, can it be processed for a refund? the following explanation,

EMD RT PCR that has been used for examination at health facilities cannot be refunded.

EMD RT PCR that has not been used for examination at health facilities can be refunded without deductions.

The refund method for EMD RT PCR refunds that have not been used for examination at health facilities follows the general refund provisions that apply

To purchase EMD RT-PCR through a Travel Agent/Online Travel agent, you can make a request on the purchase channel

To purchase EMD RT-PCR through the Website and/or other airline ticket sales channels, you can make an application through the link

The following information must be known by Batik Air passengers as follows,

Batik Air is not responsible if the clinic refuses to Batik Air passengers because the use of EMD RT-PCR at the clinic can only be used outside 24 hours before departure. Because, the current RT-PCR examination results can only be issued 1x24 hours after the examination.

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