Dear Customers of Batik Air

Only the best to become a member of Batik Air Frequent Flyer and be sure it's you. Batik Frequent Flyer (BFF) is a program created (loyalty program) by Batik Air that has several advantages (benefits) that members can take advantage of as an appreciation for Batik Air to their loyal customers.

Batik Miles offers a variety of benefits designed to enhance your travel experience for Batik Air guests, and here we will tell you how you can immediately join Batik Miles.

Batik Frequent Flyer membership requirements:

1. Registration is done online through the website without being charged (free of charge).    

2. The registration form can be accessed on the Batik Frequent Flye menu without doing flight activities first.    

3. filling in forms, identity (KTP/ Passport/ SIM/ Birth Certificate), and other data is done correctly.    

4. The Batik Frequent Flyer membership number is obtained after the customer verifies the registered email address.    Batik Frequent Flyer membership is open to customers aged over 2 (two) years.    

5. The membership period for Batik Frequent Flyer is for life.    

6. Membership card validity period is 5 (five) years and can be extended according to applicable regulations.

General provisions for Batik Frequent Flyer:

1. The membership card can only be used by the name on the BFF card.    

2. Membership privileges and facilities do not apply to flights other than Batik Air.    

3. Silver and Gold Frequent Flyer Batik Cards are obtained after carrying out a certain number of eligible flight activities in one period.    

4. Submission of BFF Silver Card as follows:       

I.  Attach boarding passes of 4 (four) oneway tickets or 2 (two) round trip tickets that meet the requirements within 1 (one) year.        

II. Sent to email address:    

5. Submission of BFF Gold Card as follows:       

I. Attach boarding passes for 15 (fifteen) eligible flight activities within 1 (one) year.        

II. Sent to email address:        

III. Upgrade the BFF Silver card to Gold with the same conditions.   

6.  Flight activities that meet the requirements are flights with reservations that include a membership number before the booking code (PNR) is formed    

7. The membership number and the corresponding name on the Batik Frequent Flyer card can only be included when making a reservation through the websites and or travel agents in collaboration with Lion Group.    

8. Membership numbers cannot be entered after a reservation has been made or at check-in.    

9. The check-in clerk will verify the Batik Frequent Flyer member card according to the customer data listed in the system.    

10. Membership cards that are invalid or already inactive cannot be used.

The following are the benefits that you can get when you become an official member of Batik Frequent Flyer (BFF)

NoBenefit BFFBFF SilverBFF Gold
1Free additional baggage
2Priority boarding at CGK and HLP
3Can choose a preferred seat at the check-in counter
4Free upgrade to business class
5Get discounts at various merchants who work with Batik Air

* Effective JUN 24, 2022 – UFN, the free upgrade to business will no longer be available for BFF Gold.
** Each merchant provides a different discount

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