Dear Customers of Batik Air,

The following are the steps that we can convey to Batik Air passengers regarding refund funds for Batik Air tickets that have not been received if they have passed the specified refund refund deadline as follows,

1. Check the email registered when Batik Air guests make a Refund request, is there a lack of data & attachments? Example: If the beneficiary's account number is not included in one of the names on the PNR, a power of attorney is required. Lack of power of attorney will hinder the refund process.    

2. It is hoped that Batik Air passengers will keep the telephone number of the Batik Air refund team so that Batik Air passengers will know that we contacted them to request confirmation of a refund/lack of data that must be attached.    

3. Confirmation of data regarding Refund to Batik Air Customers will use the number: +62895386009486 /+62895386009485   

4. Confirm to Customer Support via email at with the email subject: REFUND // PNR: ABCDEF (filled with the Airline's booking code) attach KTP data and bank data (Bank Name, Account Name, and Account Number).

As additional information for Batik Air passengers, delays in returning refunds are often caused by incomplete data attached and or by errors in writing bank data (bank name, account name and account number).

Therefore, we hope that Batik air passengers can fill in account data properly and correctly.

Don't hesitate to contact our Contact Center service below if you have questions, complaints, or comments.


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