Dear customers of Batik Air Indonesia,


We are happy to convey to Batik Air Indonesia customers that, in addition to the Free Baggage Allowance (FBA) facility provided by Batik Air Indonesia to customers, there are also several types of items that can be carried at No Charge. Namely, luggage that goes into the "Special Baggage" category.


What is meant by "special baggage" here is special baggage that is inseparable from the passenger (required), such as,

  • Wheelchair: Passengers with special needs or disabilities can use the Wheelchair up to the waiting area and carry the wheelchair in front of the aircraft door with a baggage tag (not a wheelchair with a battery).
  • Baby Stoller: Passengers purchasing a Infant ticket can use the baby stroller up to the waiting room and carry it in front of the plane door with the baggage tag.

And below are the exceptions related to wheelchairs and baby strollers carried by Batik Air passengers as follows:

  • If customers bring a Wheelchair without using it, it will be considered ordinary baggage and reduced the Free Baggage Allowance.
  • If customers bring Baby Stroller without the baby's (infant) ticket, it will be considered ordinary baggage and reduce the Free Baggage Allowance.

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