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We will convey this information to Batik Air passengers. If you occupy a seat near the emergency exit, you need to open the emergency door and assist the flight crew when the plane is in danger.

Emergency exit seats can only be occupied by people who can physically and mentally assist the cabin crew in evacuating if necessary.

  1. Adult or at least 18 years old
  2. Physically and mentally healthy (no mental disorders).
  3. Don't use glasses or contact lenses.
  4. Able to understand instructions from the cabin crew and read the passenger safety card.
  5. Proficient in Indonesian or English and can assist cabin crew in instructing passengers.
  6. Passengers with infants, children (CHD), oversized passengers, pregnant women, and passengers with special needs cannot sit in the emergency exit seat.


Please request a seat change, if you:

  • Have physical limitations that may not be visible but will hinder if at any time needed to help.
  • Feelings of limitations include strength, movement, hand and feet skills, or balance problems opening doors to assist cabin crew.
  • Feeling unable to reach the emergency exit, open it and exit quickly
  • You believe that physical activity undertaken to open the door will cause you injury.
  • Hearing or language limitations so that they do not hear or do not understand the orders of the flight crew.
  • Have visual impairments or do not understand the instructions in the Instructions card.
  • Unable to give instructions to other passengers.
  • Other responsibilities (e.g., caring for young children) will hinder helping the flight crew.
  • Be under 18 years of age or unable to do so without the help of others.

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