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We can convey to Batik Air Indonesia passengers that baggage is personal belongings in the form of passengers' property that is carried on a Batik Air Indonesia flight to meet needs during the flight or final destination with the permission of Batik Air Indonesia airline.

Below is an explanation of the types of baggage on Batik Air Indonesia flights as follows,

  • Cabin Baggage: An item or object belonging to a passenger may be brought into the aircraft cabin and is under the passenger's control.
  • Checked Baggage: It is an item handed over by a passenger to the airline for carriage by aircraft.


The following steps must be taken by Batik Air Indonesia passengers if they experience delays / damage / loss of checked baggage as follows,

  • Report your baggage problem to the Lost & Found officer before leaving the Arrivals Area
  • Get proof of the report by filling out the PIR (Property Irregularity Report) form
  • Checking the baggage before leaving the Arrival Hall


Important information

  • Any damage or loss of baggage that passengers realize outside of the Arrivals Area, it is with a heavy heart that we inform you that it is not the airline's responsibility.


Regulation of the Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia no. 77 of 2011 articles 5 & 6 the responsibilities of the Airline include,

  • Checked baggage or the contents of checked baggage lost will be compensated in IDR. 200,000 (two hundred thousand rupiahs) per KG and a maximum of IDR. 4,000,000 (four million rupiah) per passenger.
  • Damage to Checked Baggage, compensation is given according to the type of damage in terms of shape, size and brand of Checked Baggage.

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