Dear Customers of Batik Air,

Effective November 1, 2022, for Batik Air passengers who test positive for Covid-19 and cancel a departure, Batik Air passenger tickets will be processed subject to a penalty fee (CF) in accordance with the applicable refund provisions.

Cancellation Time

Cancellation Fee


> 72 hours (before departure time) 

Refund Fee of 25% from the Basic Fare 

Airport Tax, PPN, Iuran Wajib Jasa Raharja: refundable

72 hours - 4 hours 


Refund Fee of 50% from the Basic Fare 

< 4 hours (within 4 hours before departure time)
Refund Fee of 90% from the Basic Fare 

Where to submit a refund:     
1. Ticket purchases at a Travel Agent/Online Travel Agent can be submitted to a Travel Agent/Online Travel Agent where to purchase Batik Air Tickets.    
2. Ticket purchases on the Batik Air Website, Batik Air Mobile App, Contact Center and Batik Air Representative Offices can be submitted for a ticket refund at the link here

ticket purchase place
Lion Group Office
Melalui website:
Travel Agent/Online Travel Agent dan GDSKembali ke Travel Agent dan GDS

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